Why Kaolin Clay?

Every automobile has an UNSEEN BUT COMMON ENEMY!
This unseen enemy relentlessly pursues YOUR CAR from the second it leaves the factory and never stops attacking!

Your Car's enemy is POLLUTION!  Your car's finish is relentlessly bombarded with grit, grime, tar, oil and all kinds of other pollutants that embed into the paint or clear-coat.  Simply washing your vehicle with soap and water does NOT remove all of these pollutants.

Kaolin Clay to the rescue

Kaolin Clay isn't a wax or a polish.  It isn't a glaze or a compound.  Kaolin Clay is a natural, NON ABRASIVE surface preparation that gently pulls out the grit, grime and pollution from the paint or clear coat surface before it's buffed or waxed.

Kaolin Clay might just be the most significant product to be introduced to your car since the invention of old fashioned car polish!

After the best washing you can provide your car, feel the surface.  Better yet, magnify your sense of touch by inserting your fingertips into a sandwich bag, a cigarette cellophane or a candy wrapper.


The bumps and rough spots you feel are contaminants attacking the finish of your car.  Removing those surface contaminates (road tar, bug residue, etc.) WILL MAKE YOUR CAR LOOK LIKE IT JUST CAME FROM THE SHOWROOM!

No matter how well a car is hand-washed, many of the contaminants have worked their way into the finish will likely remain.  Have you ever looked at a wax applicator or a buffing pad after applying a coat of wax to just one quarter panel?  What do you see besides wax?...Dirt.  You're waxing over dirt. You're wasting wax and wasting your time.

Before the introduction of Kaolin Clay into NO WET waterless carwash, using clay to clean a finish (like at high-end body shops) required the kind of work that very few of us would ever attempt!

To Clay or Not to Clay?

When should you use clay on your car?  The answer is simple: WHENEVER YOU CLEAN YOUR CAR!  If you want to have the smoothest finish by removing stubborn contaminants without spending a lot of valuable time, clay is the answer.

Automotive paint manufactures have boasted no-wax clear-coats for a couple of years now and many new-car sales associates are telling their customer the same.  We think they're wrong.  But even if there're right, the clear coat still has to stay clean in order to survive and protect the finish.