Instructions for Use:

Park your vehicle in a shaded area and avoid applying NO-WET waterless car wash and wax in direct sunlight. (Just as you would not do a conventional car wash in direct sunlight)  This will keep the product from drying too fast and allow the surfactants to penetrate, lift and emulsify the dirt and grime from the surface.

Use two clean 100% Cotton Terry Towels, one for cleaning and one for buffing OPTIONAL, one cotton terry for cleaning and one NO-WET Fluffy Terry Microfiber Towel for buffing.  When Laundering your soiled towels, allow them to soak first, then launder as usual.  DO NOT use bleach, fabric softener as these products will make the towels less absorbent.  DO NOT DRY IN A DRYER...DO NOT IRON TOWELS.

Each time before filling applicator shake filler bottle approximately 20-30 seconds, do this by holding filler bottle UPSIDE DOWN and twisting your hand vigorously from left to right.  Also follow the same procedure before using filled applicator. It is very important to make sure all ingredients are completely mixed.

To ensure a good spray, DO NOT fill the applicator bottle past the fill line, fill to about 1/2 inch below fill line.  Using the pump cap, press up and down approximately 20 times until a resistance is felt, (cap will rise about 1/2 inch) continue to pump the applicator during applications with one or two pumps after each spray.

Spray mist over soiled area using a sweeping motion, keeping the applicator about 18-24 inches from surface, covering about 3-4 sq. ft. each time.  Let set up for about 5-10 seconds, then wipe with first towel in ONE direction, (you are now picking up the dirt that is floating in the NO-WET solution) first easy, then a little harder.  As hazing appears, use second terry cloth, or the NO-WET Microfiber Towel and buff in circular motion to a clean and gleaming finish!


When using to clean glass, chrome etc etc. wipe product off right away!  When it comes to glass, LESS IS BEST!

Same instructions can be used for any other Nonporous surface re: RV's inside & outside.  NO-WET can even be used to clean carpets and fabrics...CYCLES, BOATS, WINDOW GLASS, SHOWER STALLS, or what ever you can think of!

A quick review of the directions:

    * Shake bottle vigorously for 20 - 30 seconds
    * Pour into exclusive Micro-Mist applicator to about 1/2 inch below fill line
    * Pressurize bottle by "pumping" cap until resistance is felt
    * Spray a light coat of NO-WET on the surface using a sweeping motion
    * Wait 5-10 seconds as the NO-WET emulsifies and lifts the dirt from the surface
    * Now use the first towel, gently rubbing in one direction to remove dirt and grime.  As filmy haze appears, use the second cloth or the NO-WET Microfiber towel and buff in circular motion to a clean and gleaming finish!

If the MICRO MIST APPLICATOR seems clogged or doesn't spray properly - even after a thorough shaking - turn the bottle upside-down and depress the spray valve for 5-10 seconds to expel air only. Then pump additional air into the bottle and retry.  Repeat this procedure two or three times, if necessary.

This also should be done after every time you use the applicator so no wax settles in the applicator is best to store gallons on their side until half mix gallons turn upside down...hold with two hands and twist hands front to back.